interviewing tipsPreparing for an Interview

Review the Job Description: Read the job description thoroughly and talk with your Recruiter to be sure you understand what the company is looking for.

Consider your Previous Experience:  Consider your past experiences and how they apply to the role.  Have clear examples of how you handled similar situations in a previous position.

Understand your Strengths:  Understand how your strengths best suit the position and know what you can bring to the position, team and company.   Know how your strengths address the duties and desired attributes of the role.

Know What you Want:  even if you’re not sure what your ideal role is or where you want to be in 5 years, having an answered prepared for these types of questions reflects ambition and planning.

Prepare Questions for the Interviewer:   Questions are a great way of showing you have considered the position and are interested in pursuing it further.  Have a few questions ready regarding the role.

During the Interview:

Eliminate Distractions:  Remember to minimize all potential distractions with simple steps such as turning off your cell phone.

Smile:  Being positive will help relax you and goes a long way to present the best you have to offer.

Answer the Questions:  When answering a question, stay on track with your response and try to avoid going off on tangents or bringing up irrelevant stories.

Keep Negatives to Yourself:  Even if you have had some bad bosses in the past, avoid discussing strong negative opinions regarding previous workplaces or coworkers in your interview.

Be Well Presented:  For a face to face interview, your appearance matters.  Choose clean and tidy clothing that is appropriate for the workplace.