Partnerships that work

Wellington Steele and Associates has an abundance of resources to successfully drive your recruitment process.  With competition for talent at an all-time high, our experience as an industry leader saves clients time and money. In the recruitment industry, time is an essential element to hiring the top-tier candidates you need, and these processes can become drawn out. Wellington Steele assists you in creating a quick yet thorough recruitment life cycle.

  1. Recruitment: Creativity is key. Wellington Steele & Associates uses a variety of creative sources to find the best candidate. We gather a group of only the most qualified people for your position.
  2. Screening: Our decades of experience allows us to effectively screen all of the candidates we find. We call and interview candidates to determine their skill level, personability, and professional demeanor.
  3. Direct Interaction: Wellington Steele and Associates sends all of the qualified candidates to your hiring manager after understanding your company’s business culture and requirements.
  4. Verification: Wellington Steele quickly moves the candidate through the onboarding process. We do background, reference, criminal and credit checks when requested by the client, as well as drug tests.
  5. Hiring: After verifying the candidate’s information, your hiring manager makes the final decision. We consider it of paramount importance to convey the right information to your new employee, as it ensures a seamless transition to being integrated with your business.

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