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Why choose Wellington Steele and Associates?
Our decades of experience in recruiting, combined with our flexibility and a real return-on-investment make us the right partner for your business.

Our leadership in the recruiting industry is owed to an elite group of recruiters. Our recruiters and consultants have decades of experience in the industry. We have worked with large Fortune 500 enterprise-level companies with tens of thousands of employees all the way to regional firms with a few dozen employees.  To maintain our position as an industry leader, our recruiters are constantly working to be better. Our seasoned staff attends conferences, webinars, and other meetings to keep themselves at the top of the recruiting industry. This expertise allows us to work with companies of any size and any field.

Wellington Steele believes it is essential to understand our client’s culture and demands. We make it a point to adapt to our partners requests. We work with our clients to develop a strategic partnership with honest feedback and real solutions.

Most importantly, Wellington Steele ensures a real return-on-investment. Our flexibility allows us to work with clients to create real savings by increasing quality and retention of talent.